Ebola prevention hits home

Ebola preventionHow are all the thousands of hospitals around the world and here in the US gearing up to deal with the potential arrival of a patient with Ebola?

The importance of this issue and how it is resonating so strongly in the medical field hit home for me a bit more a few days ago as I was walking in front of a local medical clinic and saw the sign at left.

In a way it is an unsettling sign because it illustrates the threat, but at the same time it is good to know that careful measures are being implemented.

1 thought on “Ebola prevention hits home”

  1. Leaves me wondering if those medical clinics are ready for KPC, MRSA, or VISA/ VRSA? Seriously. I do understand that we cannot expect every little clinic to be prepared especially when considering the financial hit a small place would take? Still, after seeing the behaviors of our “educated medical personnel” including nurses arguing they “have never been prepared/taught about dealing with contagious disease” … Really? !

    I’m going to rant a wee bit: I distinctly recall a CEU class in the ’90s where the lecturer talked about “the difficulty of diagnosing TB” (must be where the rift in this universe began)… an old R.N. stood up and told the audience, “you can practically see a TB germ with your naked eye, if you don’t know that we’re in trouble.”
    People working in labs with urine specimens for illicit drug detection, working with beagles (on the care & comfort side), working with computer components/electronics, and even our much maligned dog catchers, have to know more about spotting and preventing the spread disease than our first-world, front-line, medics?

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