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Stem Cell Story of The Year 2014 Poll

November 30, 2014 admin 1

What was the biggest stem cell story of the year for 2014? Every year I post my view on what was the biggest stem cell event of the year. You can see picks for past years including human therapeutic cloning […]


Will Lawsuit Against PubPeer Chill Post-Pub Review?

November 28, 2014 admin 4

Post-publication (post-pub) review is arguably one of the most innovative developments in scientific publishing in the past few years. An illustration of the widespread influence of post-pub review is the fact that PubMed recently started allowing readers to post comments about […]


Giving thanks to my blog community

November 26, 2014 admin 6

As a scientist blogger, I have a lot to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches. First, I want to thank the readers of this blog who make it a reality. If no one reads a blog, then pretty much it […]

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Best analogies for stem cells for public outreach

November 23, 2014 admin 2

I’m often asked, “How can I help people ‘get’ stem cells with an analogy?” What are the best stem cell analogies? Here are the ones I’ve thought up that resonated most powerfully in my public outreach including with kids. Stem […]