August 7, 2020

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Month: December 2014

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For the worlds of biology and cell biology including the stem cell field more specifically, the holidays came early with some fantastic news. Philanthropist and Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen will give $100 million to form a new institute focused on cell biology in Seattle. The Allen Institute for Cell Science has an ambitious mission dedicated to making transformative discovers about cells and stem cells will be a major area of focus. The Director of the Allen Institute is Dr. Rick Horwitz, who was formerly at …Read More

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Did you eventually get sick of the whole STAP mess and all the baggage that came with it? Stay tuned for STAP 2.0 or perhaps I should say STAP junior. Just as STAP is starting to fade a bit from our radar screens, there is unfortunately a new very problematic stem cell paper situation coming soon that has some parallels to the STAP cell fiasco. As this new STAP junior mess inevitably marches toward blowing up sometime in the next few months in the public domain, …Read More

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It’s not technically winter, but it sure feels like it. Cold, rain, and darkness are here as the winter solstice approaches in less than two weeks. Imagine my surprise then to find a sunflower blooming in my Davis, CA garden along with my winter crops of beets, carrots, peas, cilantro, etc. You can see my snapshot of this bright flower. It’s not super tall at around 2-3 feet, but heck it seems amazing me that a sunflower could bloom at all in mid-December. This flower …Read More

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Altmetrics a relatively new way of ranking scientific articles based on metrics that include social media impact. The company Altmetric came out with their Top 100 articles for 2014, which is a fun list to check out.  A quicker way to get the gestalt of them collectively is from a word cloud (above) made from the title words from their Top 50 science articles. What do you think would be the top words? The top 3 turned out to be: Social, Ebola, and Virus. Followed by the next …Read More