September 24, 2020

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Month: February 2015

3 min read

The FDA’s mandate to regulate drugs and devices often invokes a term called “interstate commerce”. Like many people I thought I knew what that meant, but probably like most people I was wrong. After a great discussion on an original post on various key issues related to the many stem cell clinics doing non-FDA approved stem cell “treatments”, the question came up as to whether the FDA has any authority over a biological product if the manufacturer does not introduce it into “interstate commerce” …Read More

2 min read

This was a crazy week for me. I’m mostly taking today off, meaning “only” working a few hours on a Sunday. I submitted an R01 application on Tuesday. This is a huge grant application that is a major undertaking to write and put together. Getting it out the door this week was a big relief. Fingers crossed on this one. I’m also in the process of reviewing a bunch of grants myself as well as writing some papers and made some good head way on …Read More

1 min read

I ran a poll asking readers of this blog about their view of 3-parent IVF also known as mitochondrial transfer technology. The poll got 166 responses over a few days. The results are in and they are surprising to me at least. They trend toward some level of support rather than opposition to approval of this technology, but the greatest number of respondents wanted more data first before it proceeds. Frankly, I thought originally that the poll would show that “Strong support” would get …Read More

2 min read

There was a time I used to watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on a regular basis and for a few years, I really enjoyed it. After a while I kind of lost interest. Today Olbermann does a sports show on ESPN and it’s just not the same. He also seems like he’s not the same old Olbermann that many of us could appreciate so much in days past. For example he’s been gushing over a non-FDA approved stem cell “treatment” given in Mexico to Mr. …Read More