September 25, 2020

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Month: August 2015

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For the past few years post-publication peer review (PPPR) has grown in influence and one particular website, PubPeer, has become the primary go-to place specifically for blunt PPPR. The kind that happens in journal clubs in labs across the world. Comments on PubPeer have led to numerous serious corrections and retractions of flawed articles. I’m most familiar with its role in the STAP cell case. Both the founders of and most of the commenters on PubPeer have remained anonymous. That is until today. The founders …Read More

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I recently chatted with Sean Morrison, current President of ISSCR, on his goals for the Society, where the stem cell field stands today, top challenges, and the future. 2020 update: read my new interview with Sean on cell therapies for COVID-19. What are your goals for your tenure as President of ISSCR? SM: ISSCR is the international voice for research in the scientific community. There’s been less effort though amongst policy makers and the general public. I want to expand the reach beyond just the …Read More

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Google is reportedly getting into the genetic modification business. It plans to use a sexy, new genetic technology called “gene drive”, which has both excited and unsettled scientists due to its great power to make GMOs in nature via reproductive chain reactions. This move toward genetic modification is part of a larger trend of Google and now its parent company Alphabet branching out into biology. Alphabet has said that “G is for Google”, but there could be the letters “G-M-O” in there too. I’m not saying …Read More

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There has been a great deal of excitement during the past several years over the regenerative medicine work of often-called “super surgeon” Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. For an update on Paolo Macchiarini from a recent scathing Vanity Fair piece, see here. Hei has done pioneering work. For instance, he created and transplanted bioengineered windpipes that were produced in part via stem cells. However, Macchiarini also faced allegations of multiple serious instances of misconduct from others at Karolinska Institute, where he was a visiting professor. These allegations included charges …Read More