Science on Thanksgiving & recommended reading

Turkey Scientist, Thanksgiving
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I’m thankful for a whole bunch of things on Thanksgiving including family, but here I wanted to talk specifically about why we should be thankful for science.

At this moment in history it is plainly evident how greatly past science has helped the world and at the same time how intensely the world needs research right now as well as looking to the immediate future. When reality is only an occasional stop on the crazy path of many public figures including, for instance, certain American politicians, scientific research is a bedrock foundation for justice and democracy.

I’m thankful for these reasons and many others. I love research and feel fortunate to be a scientist.

Here’s some recommended science reading on Thanksgiving.

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  1. I am thankful for the continuing effort of the folks at CIRM, who do the hard work day by day to make millions of people’s dreams of health become reality.

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