December 1, 2020

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Month: December 2015

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A grant walks into a bar and says… Is there a method to your mixology? Do I have to give you a timeline of my drinking plans? Funding has been 86’d I’m doing field research studying alcohol dehydrogenase and could use your help… I’d like to order 250K. Your bouncer isn’t going to triage me, right? Know any good reviewer pickup lines? You take the fun out of funding! What do you mean “most proposals are going to be ‘on the rocks’”? When will happy …Read More

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What were the top 10 stem cell stories of the year? What were the biggest news and science headlines in the stem cell field in 2015, whether good or bad? Below are mine. What are your top 10 stem cell stories of the past year? Let us know in the comments. Organoids explode. Stem cell-based mini-organs (organoids) have exploded in terms of impact in the last couple years. 2015 had many examples of these super cool human organs in a dish made from stem …Read More

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Money plays a major role in the arena of stem cells, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine. The financial side of this cutting-edge field ranges from grants to private investors to publicly traded stocks. One could argue that the flow of total investment going into this area has a direct and tangible impact on how rapidly and effectively the research moves forward. In the specific area of publicly traded companies working in stem cells, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine, what’s the investment outlook for the coming …Read More