August 7, 2020

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Month: January 2016

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I was eating my Sunday breakfast and reading the SacBee, when a full-page ad for a stem cell clinic jumped out at me. I dropped my toast onto the plate and grabbed my iPhone to take a picture. The ad is for Nervana Stem Cell Centers in Sacramento. A little research on their website revealed that they appear to sell amniotic and fat stem cell injections for pain and joint conditions. I’m not convinced that such therapies are safe and effective, but the number …Read More

2 min read

Science blogging is somewhat of a communal exercise. At least, it should be and cool biomed blogs are a great community. One of the most invigorating aspects of blogging is finding new blogs that are worthwhile and edgy. Below I list some of my recommendations for blogs that you might not be familiar with, but that you should definitely check out. DrugMonkey Blog. A go-to source for perspectives and a reality check on NIH funding, careers, and sometimes a bit about drug science. Whoever …Read More

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Over at RetractionWatch, their team does a great job following retractions of science papers. Sadly, the number of published manuscript retractions gives them more than enough material to post several times a day. There’s another phenomenon going on that I think might warrant their increased attention: the possibly rising number of retractions or corrections of science press releases (PR). Gary Schwitzer, over at Health News Review, is reviewing science PRs, which is really interesting reading. I highly recommend that you check it out. While recent data …Read More

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Just how often do press releases (PR) get science wrong? A new paper came out from the lab of Matthias Lutolf in Nature Materials that seems interesting. Using a special matrix, reprogramming of cells reportedly worked better. Good stuff. However, a (PR) from the home institution of EPFL and media pick up on the story used unfortunate language that evoked the STAP cell mess of 2014 regarding this new paper. For instance the PR is poorly entitled “squeezing cells into stem cells” and it had …Read More