October 24, 2020

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Month: March 2016

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Even as the book of Haruko Obokata (小保方 晴子) had been fading in popularity on Amazon Japan (update: it is now increasing again), there is some other news with her as she has launched a new website. The website, STAP Hope Page, seems to often not work now, but you can also see it here via Wayback Machine. Hat tip to several readers and people on Twitter including Buvery and Bob Geller. JIJI Press has confirmed that the site is real as some had speculated it …Read More

1 min read

Science humor can be fun especially if it has an edge to it and if one is a bit burned out on grant writing. In that spirit, we have two silly science jokes for a Thursday. Why did the professor make an ovine-feline chimera? Answer: She had always wanted to herd cats. Why did the bioethicist cross the road? Answer: To “get out of the way” of Steven Pinker and the glorious progress of biomedical research using CRISPR on humans. If you don’t get this one, …Read More

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There’s a growing trend whereby patients have to pay to be in a clinical trial. This is now widely referred to as “pay-to-play”. Proponents of this idea point toward potential benefits in the form of patients gaining access to innovative therapies. They also argue that this approach provides a much-needed funding mechanism for the trials and that it could lead to more insurance coverage of therapies in development. Opponents of pay-play-play argue it is unethical to require a patient to pay (sometimes large sums …Read More

3 min read

Stem cell clinics are spreading like wild-fire across the U.S. A few months back the Sacramento area got a new stem cell clinic selling amniotic stem cell therapies for a variety of ills including most prominently arthritis and pain. This clinic is called Nervana Stem Cell Center. I first noticed it via a huge ad in our local paper, The SacBee. More recently, Nervana has advertised again in full-page spreads in the SacBee, but going by a different name: Lee Medical Group. Yesterday, I …Read More