May 29, 2020

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Month: April 2016

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From a visit to Portland a few weeks back and going to Nectar frozen yogurt. Is this one listening to you or monitoring your diet? I got a combo of chocolate and pistachio instead, which was delicious. This got me thinking of course whether all those folks at the NSA “listening” to us have their very own fro yo service at their commissary so they don’t have to go out for a treat and stop their surveillance. If so what might the most popular flavor …Read More

2 min read

A new study on treating pain with a unique stem cell connection caught my attention. The paper was from a team at Pfizer led by Edward B. Stevens. Talk about bench to bedside, these researchers went all the way from patients to patient somatic cells to reprogrammed IPSC to neurons to model pain in a dish and then test a drug in a dish, and then finally to test the drug in the patients. The drug in questions is the Nav1.7 blocker, PF-05089771. The team found that …Read More

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Some stem cell clinics sometimes use questionable ideas to bypass FDA regulations and I’d go far as to say some of these are outright stem cell myths. One such argument that seems like a myth in my opinion relates to the idea of “homologous use”, which is one of the hottest issues in stem cells in the clinical arena right now. So what is homologous use and what is the clinic myth? The idea with homologous use goes that a stem cell product fitting that definition is similar to …Read More

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Blood testing biotech Theranos finds itself in a hole that seemingly just keeps getting deeper with the report today that the company is under criminal investigation. Can it bounce back? Some people are really upset with Theranos for allegedly making misleading statements including both to investors and the government about its technologies. It’s no exaggeration to call this an uproar. However, if you think about it, what Theranos is alleged to have done is not so unusual. If one looks at medical testing and …Read More

15 min read

I talked last year about human genetic modification by CRISPR with George Church a year ago. Now we’ve followed up with a long chat on this topic going into much more detail and with questions on recent developments. Each question is listed numerically and then there is a back and forth on that question with George and me before going on to the next question. Frameworks for managing human genetic modification 1. Paul: What do you think of my ABCD plan for handling human germline …Read More