Direct link to my SF Chronicle CIRM piece to get you behind the paywall

Here is the direct link to the SF Chronicle piece I wrote about CIRM lobbying for reduced stem cell oversight. This will get you behind the paywall and allow you to make comments.


  1. I read your column everyday, have given the link to all the members of my Copd Inspire Team. Aside for the fact that as a non-science reader and having to look up a lot of words, your blog is very educational.

    On the other side of the discussion, I would love to see you research the positive, whether or not they were FDA supporters. As one commenter made in one of your earlier blogs, such drugs as penicillin, used with great results late in the 1800s, became prohibited when the FDA got hold of it. And a lot of patients died because of this action.

    I realize that you are pro FDA, but I suspect many have died because of the lack of non FDA treatment. Please, could you occasionally bite your tongue and report on the validated successes, here and abroad? Please?

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for the comment. I get what you are saying. Part of what is going on is that there are so many stem cell cheerleaders out there some of whom engage in hype and raise expectations to wild levels that it is important to have a more sober, balanced voice too. I do regularly post about good news and upbeat things, but I’ll try to do so more often.

    • “…report on the validated successes, here and abroad?”

      But there are only a handful of approved therapies and whether you equate “validation” with clinical approval or simply robust, scientific data showing significant measurable improvement compared to placebo, there is not much to report currently. What do you see as truly validated successes that are not being reported?

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