Listen to Leigh Turner’s interview on Science Friday on our stem cell clinic paper

Leigh Turner

Leigh TurnerYou can listen to my co-author Leigh Turner’s interview on Science Friday here about our Cell Stem Cell paper on the stem cell clinic industry in the U.S. Start listening around the 8:30 mark.

It’s great that this paper has so strongly raised awareness about the booming stem cell clinic industry in America as well as the urgent need for much more open and active discussion of the serious issues that this reality raises on a number of levels.

You can follow Leigh on Twitter here.

Also, you can read about Leigh’s excellent presentation about stem cell clinics that he gave at ISSCR Vancouver here.

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  1. Former Senator Bill First just published a Forbe’s opinion on stem cell legislation, using Doug Oliver as a patient example. As a physician with 40 years of medical experience, his opinion holds some serious weight in this debate.

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