October 24, 2020

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Month: January 2017

3 min read

What’s the deal with Trump’s HHS Secretary pick Rep. Tom Price (now testifying before the Senate) and the amniotic tissue/stem cell company MiMedx that’s caused some buzz in the last 48 hours? I’ve been following MiMedx for a few years since it received an untitled letter from the FDA and I noted its claim of one its product acting like a “stem cell magnet.” More recently I did a 2nd post mentioning the company a few months back focusing on its contributions to former Sen. Mark Kirk, whose legislative baby the …Read More

2 min read

One of my Top 20 Predictions for Stem Cells for 2017 was that we’d see more instances of fake stem cell news. One type of stem cell fake news consists of promotional press releases that seek to recruit paying customers for unproven stem cell “treatments” based on made up or exaggerated claims about safety and efficacy or about the stem cell clinic’s credentials. Another kind of fake stem cell news is more ideologically based and is mainly practiced by anti-embryonic stem cell (ESC) websites …Read More