January 19, 2021

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Law firm blasts stem cell clinics in new ‘3 shocking facts’ video

I’m becoming increasing convinced that patient suits against stem cell clinics are going to have strong impact, including based on the new steps taken by a particular law firm. For background, I’ve written extensively about these suits over the years and we’ve seen more recently that another academic group (Claire Horner, Evelyn Tenenbaum, Douglas Sipp, Zubin Master) has published a paper on the suits.

Andrew Yaffa stem cell clinics, lawsuits
Screenshot from Andrew Yaffa stem cell clinics video, GRYC law firm

The law firm stepping up against clinics is GRYC or Grossman, Roth, Yaffa, and Cohen. They not only have and continue to represent patients in suits against unproven, for-profit clinic firms including most prominently against U.S. Stem Cell (USRM), but also they’ve become more outspoken about the problem of stem cell clinics and risks to patients.

GRYC attorney Andrew Yaffa has been quoted pretty extensively in the media and now speaks in a GRYC law firm website video (below and on the firm’s website) on “3 shocking facts about stem cell clinics.”

The video has three main accusations about the clinics:

  1. Clinics are basically advertising on clinicaltrials.gov.
  2. Clinics are using unproven fat stem cells, but often promising some kind of panacea
  3. They are not following good manufacturing processes and are using “industrial grade enzymes” from a janitorial supply company.


This video is a tough blast directly at the clinics, but the stakes are high for patients and the clinics need to be confronted. The video has only been up a few days, but already has more than 3,000 views.

I have a feeling we’re going to see more lawsuits against such firms across the country.

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