50 stem cell influencers on Twitter to follow in 2019

Who are the top stem cell and regenerative medicine influencers to follow on Twitter and elsewhere in 2019?

Terrapin asked this kind of broad question to some within our community about 5 years ago and came up with a Top 50 list of stem cell influencers, which I like to joke I was “at the top of” because I was #50 and they listed us in reverse order.

What about today and soon in the coming year in 2019? Who are the major regenerative medicine and stem cell influencers?

It’s a subjective, mostly non-scientific, but still interesting kind of question.

top stem cell influencers Twitter

Perhaps at some point an impartial party will do a new survey.

In the mean time, there are some indications on social media of who some of these influencers may be there. Of course, that may not equate with “influence” more broadly, but can be an indicator.

I see a bunch of key stem cell accounts on Twitter that you may want to follow if you are interested in stem cells and regenerative medicine.

But keep in mind that some of the more influential stem cell scientists still either do not have Twitter accounts or almost never tweet. Therefore, this list is not meant as a “top stem cell influencers” list since some top influencers such as Shinya Yamanaka and others just aren’t active on Twitter. So it is instead a top, active stem cell influencers on Twitter list.

Below is the list in alphabetical order, including some perhaps not on your radar screen. This is a similar list to what I had in 2017, but I’ve included some new faces (accounts) and deleted some previous ones.

These accounts Tweet with hashtags like #stemcells and #stemcell.

I particularly appreciate those accounts that include a mix of info, news, and opinion with original content or opinions of their own too.

I emphasized inclusion of those accounts who regularly tweet and I aimed for a good mixed of accounts across the globe, not just in the U.S. I also included stem cell policy researchers and bioethicists.

Note that I did not include stem cell and regenerative medicine companies in my list. I may do a separate list for them. I also have tried to avoid accounts that are cheerleaders.

Also, I’m not necessarily endorsing the listed accounts or their opinions. In fact, I disagree with some of them on certain important issues, but practically speaking following them is probably useful to stay up to date on what is going on and keep up with key trends. Also, diverse opinions are important and I definitely learn from accounts like these, sometimes changing my views on big issues. Even so, I’m not going to include an account on the 2019 list that promotes non-FDA compliant stem cell therapies in the U.S. or dangerous therapies abroad or things that I just don’t believe are in the best interests of patients.

Some accounts are individuals, while others are organizations. You may notice that some have many followers, while others do not. I picked this list of 50 below for 2019 based simply on my impressions of their influence or because they do interesting tweets and/or have a fresh perspective on things, not strictly based on metrics.

Apologies to those not listed as there are many other worthwhile stem cell and regenerative medicine-related accounts too.

If I missed some of your favorite stem cell accounts on Twitter, weigh in with your ideas in the comments. I may do a new list, potentially longer, in the next year or two.

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