New polling on stem cell therapy cost

It’s time to update our data on stem cell therapy cost.

For that, in part, I’m polling the readership of The Niche.

stem cell therapy cost
Is the price right for stem cell therapies? Take our polls.

What did you pay in the last few years for stem cell treatment of any kind? I’m aiming to get data for 2023.

Stem cell therapy cost estimation

To get a sense of the total cost, we have to multiply the price per stem cell therapy (or injection) times the number of therapies people have gotten.

For example, if you paid $10,000 on average from three separate treatments, your total cost was $30,000. For that reason, I have a second poll asking how many stem cell therapies you received.

Many people may have only gotten one stem cell therapy but over the years I’ve realized that it is getting more common to get multiple treatments. A growing number of people are getting repeat or even regular stem cell therapies, like once a year. Some people have had more than ten stem cell therapies.

What do I mean by “stem cell therapy”?

Note that for the purposes of this polling, I am using the term “therapy” loosely to include shots and infusions from unproven stem cell clinics. It doesn’t mean I think all of those are actually therapeutic. I also realize that polling of this kind is not necessarily very scientific but it does give us a general sense of cost.

You can see in this PubMed search that stem cell cost is a very diverse topic, sometimes relating to research costs.

If you’re interested, you can also see our past data on stem cell cost.

Please take these polls if you’ve had any kind of stem cell-related treatment over the years.

Polls on stem cell therapy cost


1 thought on “New polling on stem cell therapy cost”

  1. September 2021 DBC in Puerto Vallarta 300 mil umbilical cord MSCs $9000.00; DBC has a YouTube channel and the owner does an excellent presentation on many facets of the treatments, and educational aspects as well.

    May 2023 not revealing source, verified business, 2 vials of umbilical cord MSCs (uMSC) CFU approximately 6 mil to 7 mil cells in each vial. They were kept in -82 C storage unit, thawed in ice for 1 hour, self injected cost: $200.00 (I’ve been through EMS training two times when I was working, so I am familiar with the protocol). Patients self administer insulin, HCV treatment injections; why not MSCs.

    This past year I noticed that there are many new clinics opening just across the US / Mexico border to serve US medical tourism. When calling each business to ask about cost, the lowest quoted price was with Trinity 300 mil umbilical cord MSCs IV cost $5000.00; apparently the competition is allowing for lower pricing.

    May 2023, I called Innate Healthcare Institute in Phoenix AZ. I asked approximately how much would 300 mil umbilical cord MSCs IV, and was told $11,000.00; the institute does everything in house, extracting MSCs, testing for purity and pathogens, culturing, and applying to patient. They have a YouTube channel.

    R3 Stem Cell eight months ago posted a video on YouTube offering 30 mil uMSCs for $2975.00, and 50 mil uMSCs for $4000.00

    I like umbilical cord derived MSCs, and will continue to seek treatments. It will grow whether you want it to or not, the positive results bring more and more people to seek treatments that are not generally allowed in the US.

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