August 15, 2020

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I recently did a poll on stem cell homing. As you can see from the poll results above, most respondents believe that stem cells can home depending on circumstances. Almost 2/3 of respondents believe that stem cells sometimes or always home in to areas of disease. However, most respondents did not believe in this being a universal property. Why would stem cells home to diseases? It seems that injured tissues release cytokines that attract certain cells including immune cells. Maybe stem cells too? It’s …Read More

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I did a brief email Q&A interview with Dr. Bob Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) on their new hES MSCs pre-clinical data for Multiple Sclerosis. I discussed the paper itself in a concise review yesterday here. Thanks to Dr. Lanza for doing the interview. 1. Were you surprised at the fact that the therapeutic benefit did not require engraftment or even the use of proliferative hES-MSCs? No, not at all.  MSCs usually persist for only a few days or weeks, and exert their …Read More

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  In the stem cell field we hear this all the time: “Stem cells naturally home to areas of disease or injury.” But is it really true or just a useful myth? Such homing could be local such as if you inject stem cells into the parenchyma of the brain they go within the brain to the site of a problem. Or such homing could be more global whereby, for example, stem cells injected IV home to a target diseased organ and then right …Read More

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Remember the electric StemCell Bra? This innovation is hoped by the creators to grow bigger breasts for women via the power of electricity and stem cells. Could this work? How would it work? Is it safe? Are there clinical trials ongoing? Who is the team and what is the rationale behind this technology? I’ve emailed with Howard Leonhardt of the StemCell Bra company about their product and he has kindly answered these questions and many more below. Note that Mr. Leonhardt is a prolific …Read More