November 30, 2020

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A new Nature paper makes the striking claim that neural precursor cells of the brain migrate all the way to prostate tumors. Furthermore, the team led by Claire Magnon claims that these long-distance cellular travelers from the brain not only take up residence in the prostate but also strongly drive progression of the prostate cancer via neurogenesis there. From what I know, this claim goes counter to general principles of animal physiology so if it’s accurate, it’s a huge deal. Other than blood cells, …Read More

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I’ve read a lot of bad writing in the past year including on prostate cancer. Lucky me, right? It’s probably true for most of us. However, a new piece in Slate on prostate cancer and the Movember movement (an effort that raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research) takes the cake as the absolute worst thing that I’ve read in all of 2015. As many of you are aware, I’m a prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a serious form of the disease almost …Read More

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In a few days it will be the 5-year anniversary of my diagnosis with a very serious form of prostate cancer. So far since then I’ve been doing pretty well (knock on wood). I am still getting PSA tested and life still has a cancer thread through it for me. As much as having cancer is a very personal and in some ways private experience, I have found it helpful to write and talk about it. I hope that my experience has been helpful to …Read More

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Three years ago I found myself in a tough spot to put it mildly with a prostate cancer diagnosis at age 42. In October 2009 I had a mildly elevated PSA test result (see more on that below) leading to a prostate biopsy. At the end of that month I had just received the news that my prostate biopsy had come back positive and the results indicated I had a very dangerous cancer. This was not a “watchful waiting” kind of cancer, but more …Read More