July 14, 2020

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Paul Knoepfler

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UPDATED I think all politicians, before taking office, and every 5 years after taking office, should be required to take a basic biology class. Why? A clear understanding of biological processes is becoming more and more important in politics these days. At the same time we are seeing an increasing number of politicians making critical errors in public statements about matters of biology, including cell and reproductive biology. At one point in the past, I’ve suggested that the Vice President of the U.S. should …Read More

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I’ve been working for a couple years on SCOPE, the Stem Cell Outreach Program for Education. Our motto is “stem cells not lost in translation!” This program aims to provide concise and clear educational materials about stem cells to as many readers across the world in their native languages as possible. To date, we have 19 languages covering most of the globe! Chinese. 什麼是幹細胞? English. What are stem cells? Farsi.  سلولهای بنیادی چه هستند؟ French Qu’appelle-t-on cellules souches? Hebrew  מהם תאי גזע? Hindi.  स्टेम सेल क्या हैं? Italian. Cosa sono le …Read More

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What kind of laugh do you have and what kind of laugher are you? Chuckler? Giggler? Belly laugher? Quiet? Loud? Cry when you laugh? Can’t breathe when you laugh hard? Why do we laugh in the first place? There is actually a field of study of laughter called Gelotology, but despite this scientists do not really understand much about laughter. Why do people laugh so differently from each other? Think of Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney….there couldn’t be two more different laughers on Earth. What does …Read More

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What’s the first rule of medicine again? Do no harm! Rushing new medicines such as stem cell treatments to patients without appropriate preliminary studies to try to make money is like playing Russian Roulette with patients. Some of the time, everything will turn out OK, but other times….look what happened with thalidomide. There are two main camps in the world of stem cells. There are the folks, like me, who generally favor a relatively higher degree of FDA regulation of stem cell treatments, particularly …Read More