August 4, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog

Paul Knoepfler

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Today there is an editorial piece in the WSJ about the recent court ruling giving the FDA authority to regulate stem cells grown in culture as drugs. As a stem cell scientist, I read this opinion piece with interest. Unfortunately it is behind a paywall, but I have outlined and discussed the key issues below. The article is well written, but very biased too. In fact, I think it completely misses the boat. Nonetheless, the article carries some weight because it is written by …Read More

5 min read

Are we ready to start using iPS cells in patients in the near future? Say in just a couple years? Are they ready for primetime? I think the answer is clearly “no”. I believe that iPS cells, a new type of stem cells, are one of the most exciting and important developments in biomedical sciences in decades, but they are still far from being ready for clinic use. iPS cells, also known by their full name “induced pluripotent stem cells” (you can read more …Read More

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What would a Romney victory mean for MS patients? Not good news I believe. As we’ve sort of, kinda gotten to know the Romney’s as potential President and First Lady, we’ve all learned some interesting things about them. I, for one, do not feel as though I know them very well still. Like many Americans, I wish I knew more about them. Key facts that most people seem to know about the Romneys is that they are very rich, they are of the Mormon …Read More

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I’ve been blogging about the darker side of science in a seven part series on what I call scientific sinning or the “seven sins of scientists”. You can see the first 5 posts here as a group, which have generated a ton of interest and many thousands of reads each. The first five posts are specifically on these topics: Failure to Cite Paper or grant killing Need for Speed Hype    Snobbery Today I am focused on sin number six: the quid pro quo mentality. …Read More