August 5, 2020

The Niche

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I’ve seen stem cell clinic ad after ad pop up in the mainstream media in my own hometown in The Sacramento Bee paper, but others are sprouting as well and a friend sent me a particularly striking stem cell advertisement from a recent copy of the San Francisco Chronicle. Not only does this stem cell clinic say you can come to a free stem cell seminar, but also you get a free lunch and $1,000 off a stem cell “treatment” of some kind if you …Read More

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After several years doing this blog, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to stem cells, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and a case in point is the new electronic stem cell bra. It is intended but not proven to augment breast size. Yes, you read that right. The StemCell Bra (seen screen shot above) is a reported new innovation in which electricity flowing through a special bra is hoped by the manufacturer to give women bigger breasts via stimulating stem cell …Read More

4 min read

I was alerted by a friend to the fact that there are now YouTube ads for stem cell products popping up, and one such ad features supermodel Kathy Ireland pitching for something called Stemáge Skin Care. Updated (May 23): note that preliminary word from Sanford-Burnham is that they are not collaborating on Stemáge. Today’s post is Part 1 of at least 2 on this Stemáge product. I will post Part 2 soon that is a must read as it includes information my somewhat shocking phone conversation …Read More