November 24, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog


3 min read

I’ve now been blogging about stem cells here on The Niche for nearly 2 years, but why do I keep doing it? I’m by no means the only one who blogs about stem cells, but it is just that professors still are reluctant in the stem cell field to blog. Two outstanding blogs that tied for first place in my 2011 stem cell awards are the Stem Cell Network of Canada and Stem Cell Assays, by Drs. Gunn and Bersenev. As I said in my awards post, …Read More

3 min read

After my post 2 months ago about the pressure I have received to stop doing this stem cell blog, I have been flooded with positive feedback (including by some of the top bigwigs in the stem cell field who chose to remain anonymous) and I have been inundated with questions. They had many different comments, but most asked the same two questions: Who wants to shut down your stem cell blog and why? Because of the sensitive nature of this situation, I have chosen …Read More

2 min read

While most readers here tell me they greatly value our stem cell blog, after some threats I’m wondering: is it time to shut this blog down? Some people are saying I should or else! Unfortunately, threats to scientists, scientific openness, and science itself are not unusual. This stem cell blog in its current incarnation has now existed for about a year. I’m happy to say that in the last year our readership has grown quite a lot such that we get about 2,000 page …Read More