November 26, 2020

The Niche

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Glioblastoma and other related malignant glioma tumors including diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) are some of the most devastating of all human cancers, and glioma stem cells may contribute to the lethality. You can see an image of a glioma (the white area in the brain scan) from Wikipedia above. These brain tumors usually kill the people who get them within 1-2 years even with treatments and because today’s therapies for these cancers are themselves extremely harsh, patients’ quality of life is often very …Read More

5 min read

It’s been a big couple months of headlines in the news for prostate cancer. I’m a prostate cancer survivor and cancer biologist so I spend probably more than my share of time thinking about prostate cancer and from a number of angles. A few days ago I got a test result suggesting I’m still in long-term remission so I’m happy, but prostate cancer is on my mind. Another big headline came out today suggesting prostate cancer surgery for men diagnosed with the disease may in …Read More

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How has prostate cancer changed my life?  On Sunday I was working on grading some papers before dinner when up popped a “you’ve got mail” kind of message. The email said that my PSA (the blood test for prostate cancer) test results were ready. Yay! I was diagnosed with a serious prostate cancer about 28 months ago at the shockingly young age of 42 (average age of diagnosis is 70) and had surgery for it. Ever since I’ve been doing fine and my PSA tests …Read More

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  It seems like a lot of my blogs have the word “baldness” in them, huh? The latest post today is on the apparent inverse correlation between baldness and pediatric cancer, not using stem cells to try to treat baldness. You might be scratching your head (bald or not) at this point. The connection is explained by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (St. B). Every year St. B raises money for kids with cancer and a core fundraising event is shaving heads. So-called “Shavees” get pledges …Read More