December 1, 2020

The Niche

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The Susan G. Komen Foundation has done so much good over the years in its fight against breast cancer that it is particularly disturbing to learn that they have betrayed women. Betray is a strong word and I don’t use it lightly, but I think it is appropriate in this case. To me the pink ribbon now has an X through it. The Komen Foundation announced it had severed all ties with Planned Parenthood. Komen had provided support via Planned Parenthood for women to …Read More

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Should men get a PSA test for prostate cancer? The same federal panel that recommended that women in their 40s not get routine mammograms has now come forth with the statement that PSA testing men for detection of prostate cancer should be stopped. I think it is not that simple and I still believe in PSA testing, just with changes in how it is done. As many of you know, I’m a prostate cancer survivor and now patient advocate, having been diagnosed with a relatively …Read More

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Yesterday I ran a cancer stem cells meeting here at UC Davis School of Medicine. We had some great speakers and over 150 participants including our outstanding keynote speaker, Dr. Jeremy Rich, Director of Stem Cell Research at the Cleveland Clinic. One of the ideas percolating through the meeting was that during cancer development, there is a tremendous amount of plasticity. Cancer is not a linear process that starts with a stem cell gone bad and proceeds through defined steps A-Z. It is more …Read More

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Just how tumorigenic are iPS cells?  The field really doesn’t know at this point. However, a steady stream of papers have raised red flag after red flag about genomic and epigenomic alterations/mutations that are linked to cancer. Of course, then there is the fact that all the genetic changes actually used to make reprogrammed cells in the first palce are linked to cancer: not just Myc, but also Nanog, KLF4, Sox2, loss of p53 function, etc. We all first thought that making iPSCs without …Read More