October 28, 2020

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CRISPR babies

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The field recently saw Lanphier, et al. in Nature calling for a moratorium on human germilne CRISPR genetic modification. A number of additional stakeholders are expected to be weighing in soon on the issue of human germline gene editing. For example, a Science paper from others in the gene editing community is anticipated soon and may well have somewhat different perspectives. I’ve been polling on this issue and there seems to be rather broad, international support for some kind of moratorium. Respectful, open and diverse dialogue will prove crucial to formulating a …Read More

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In a still ongoing on-line poll, readers of this blog show a pattern of consistently favoring a moratorium on genetic modification of human germ cells. With more than 150 votes cast, the top two answers are ‘strongly favor’ and ‘favor’ a moratorium on human germline genetic modification. Only 15% strongly opposed a moratorium. Overall those favoring a moratorium were 52.6% of respondents, while those opposed were 35,5%. These numbers could change over time and this poll is not scientific. Notably, when I examined voting …Read More

6 min read

I recently interviewed leading genomics scientist George Church on the ways that trends in genomics are changing our world and the possibility of heritable human genetic modification. His answers suggest that genomics and gene editing are poised to radically change our world and to literally change us. Here’s the George Church interview you’ve all been waiting for. Do you think the public is already shifting to be more accepting of genomic information as simply another useful part of their overall health profile rather than as …Read More