November 27, 2020

The Niche

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4 min read

I worry that NASA is suffering from apophenia and pareidolia. Both acute and chronic cases. What the heck? Let me explain. Do you ever look up at the clouds and see fluffy animals? Or maybe other things that clouds look like such as a train, plane, or a dragon? Pareidolia is the tendency of people to perceive animate or non-random features in a scene of random and inanimate objects. Cool word, huh? A good example of pareidolia would be the tendency to see faces …Read More

4 min read

What kind of laugh do you have and what kind of laugher are you? Chuckler? Giggler? Belly laugher? Quiet? Loud? Cry when you laugh? Can’t breathe when you laugh hard? Why do we laugh in the first place? There is actually a field of study of laughter called Gelotology, but despite this scientists do not really understand much about laughter. Why do people laugh so differently from each other? Think of Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney….there couldn’t be two more different laughers on Earth. What does …Read More

5 min read

It’s been a big couple months of headlines in the news for prostate cancer. I’m a prostate cancer survivor and cancer biologist so I spend probably more than my share of time thinking about prostate cancer and from a number of angles. A few days ago I got a test result suggesting I’m still in long-term remission so I’m happy, but prostate cancer is on my mind. Another big headline came out today suggesting prostate cancer surgery for men diagnosed with the disease may in …Read More

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I’ve been doing a series of blog posts about scientists called “The elephant in the lab” in which I discuss taboo, but important topics in science. Today we are focusing on the top 10 dumbest things that scientists do…and hence today’s entry in this series might be called “Dumbo in the Lab” instead of “Elephant in the Lab”. I also like to call these “Stupid scientist tricks”. Do scientists do really dumb things? Yes, some do and in fact their decisions can be spectacularly stupid. Below …Read More