January 25, 2021

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6 min read

When my wife and I were expecting our first daughter way back in the nineties, we received a paper pamphlet about cord blood banking. Back then, I was a graduate student at UC San Diego School of Medicine working toward my Ph.D. in Molecular Pathology and my wife was in medical school at the time so we thought а fair amount about cord blood banking. However, it was fairly new at the time and there wasn’t that much information out there on it. You …Read More

2 min read

Sometimes we could all use a jolt of good news and cool science. Those of us in the stem cell field probably get tired at times of all the bad-ish, even if important news (like this from Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times) out there surrounding certain unproven stem cell offerings and also clinics that engage in all kinds of stuff ranging from off-beat shenanigans to really dark stuff. Today’s post is focused mostly on the good news and exciting science. You can see …Read More

5 min read

Is it worth it to do stem cell banking? When I was a kid I remember hearing about people having themselves frozen or even just their heads frozen shortly after death. The idea was to cheat mortality by preserving oneself or critical parts of oneself until some future date when scientists and doctors would have learned how to thaw you out and save you. This process is called cryogenics and some folks are still having this done. It was most famously parodied in the …Read More