August 5, 2020

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Dr. Steven Victor, CEO of Intellicell, seems to have made two comments on a recent blog post I did on stem cell sports medicine (see below). Victor and Intellicell received a warning letter from the FDA in March 2012 with the FDA. I’m not aware of Intellicell publicly addressing the FDA issues. If you have, Intellicell, please let me know. I have emailed Dr. Victor about the current state of affairs at Intellicell and I’ll let you know if he responds. I found the comments from …Read More

3 min read

Over the years on a fairly regular basis I’ve been contacted by patients seeking information about stem cell treatments and stem cell clinics. Note that patients may want to check out my stem cell patient guide, which has key questions and advocates for a critical, skeptical view of these offerings. But in 2012 the number of patients asking me about stem cell treatments and clinics has skyrocketed. The emails and phone calls have markedly increased. Other stem cell scientists and people at legit stem …Read More

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Earlier this year, Dr “LookGood” aka Dr. Steven Victor, cosmetic surgeon to the stars, received a warning letter from the FDA over how his clinic was handling stem cell-related procedures. The FDA listed 16 issues as problems. On April 20, Dr. Thomas E. Young of Young Medical Spa in Pennsylvania also received an FDA warning letter. You can read it here. The FDA cited 14 specific failures by Young Medical Spa that need to be addressed. I expect we’ll see a growing stream of …Read More