October 30, 2020

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About a year ago, I heard from multiple credible sources that there were ongoing federal probes into potential criminal activities related to bogus or dangerously noncompliant stem cell medical interventions, which could lead to prison time. Since then it has been relatively quiet….that is until the last couple months when again I am hearing from several pretty solid sources that the feds are deep into investigations of multiple non-compliant stem cell operations for alleged criminal activity. This is serious business and some of the …Read More

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There was a burst of feeling last night in the stem cell community as word began circulating that a federal court had ruled in favor of the FDA defining manipulated stem cell products as drugs. However, not everyone was pleased with the court ruling. The clinics most directly affected by the ruling were understandably upset, but interestingly some long-time stem cell advocates also were worried. They said there are potentially serious downsides to the federal court ruling. What might be the negative repercussions? The …Read More

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There is a bill being considered here in the U.S. called the “Research Works Act”. This is without a doubt one of the dumbest bills I have ever heard of in my life.  The bill is bad for science and bad for America. If passed it would be an epic fail for America. Why? This bill would serve as an unnecessary wall between scientists and between scientists and the rest of America. The sole purpose of this bill is to protect the profits of traditional for-profit …Read More

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There has been concern for months about the direction that the European Union was heading in regards to intellectual property (IP) rights and stem cell patent approaches. Now, a definitive decision banning embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based patents by the EU Court has dealt a severe blow to stem cell science in Europe. The European Court of Justice ruled today that methods involving not just human embryos but also existing human ESC lines, cannot be patented. Remarkably, this ruling impacts all 27 members of the …Read More