November 24, 2020

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4 min read

What if you could reprogram cells inside of an organism to a different fate and, for instance, make IPS cells? We can, right? But when most of us think about making induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, we imagine it all happening in a little plastic dish in our labs or in our colleague’s labs, not in an actual organism. A cancer research team at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center took a very different approach reported in a hefty Nature article. They made iPS cells inside of …Read More

2 min read

Stem cell research is exciting on many levels and provides real hope for treating an assortment of serious diseases and injuries in the future, but another potential positive of stem cells such as iPS cells is their use in producing modeling human tissues and organs to model diseases. A third positive, but often overlooked potential outcome from stem cells that builds on the modeling function is the focus of today’s blog post: the potential of human stem cells to significantly reduce the need of …Read More

5 min read

Some stem cell clinics are pressuring their own patients into potentially breaking federal law through something like smuggling. A big problem for certain clinics is how to bring the paying American customer (i.e. the patient) and the biological product that they are selling derived from the patient’s stem cells together outside the reach of the FDA so a lucrative stem cell transplant can occur. These clinics realize that exporting a human stem cell biological product out of the US with the intention of clinical …Read More

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I recently did a poll on stem cell homing. As you can see from the poll results above, most respondents believe that stem cells can home depending on circumstances. Almost 2/3 of respondents believe that stem cells sometimes or always home in to areas of disease. However, most respondents did not believe in this being a universal property. Why would stem cells home to diseases? It seems that injured tissues release cytokines that attract certain cells including immune cells. Maybe stem cells too? It’s …Read More