September 24, 2020

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With all the excitement over the potential of stem cells to transform medicine, a key bottleneck is physician training. Just how many doctors in the entire US have years of real experience and training in clinical use of stem cells….hmmm, let’s see….I can only think of a few in the whole country. Yes, it’s really that bad. I proposed recently that academic centers and hospitals establish formal, 1-year fellowship programs for physicians. The curriculum of that training program is detailed at right. Unfortunately, most …Read More

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I’ve written in the past (see here, here, and parody here on HuffPost) about how stem cell sports medicine is a dangerous thing. It continues to grow in popularity. There’s a new piece out now saying that Ultimate Fight Championship President Dana White went on a stem cell tourism trip to Germany for a treatment for his Menier’s Disease and it basically made him a new man (emphasis mine): “Well, A-Rod from the Yankees, hit me up and told me that when he was …Read More

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Patients ask me all the time about stem cell treatments. Some are curious. Some have already had treatments. Others are very seriously considering a treatment, but haven’t done so yet. Some are open-minded. Some are not. Some are angry with me for my track record of criticizing for-profit, unlicensed clinics offering stem cell treatments. In this new blog series, I’m going to go step by step through 8 reasons why I would not recommend that patients get unlicensed stem cell treatments from clinics. Today’s …Read More