September 24, 2020

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Celltex has issued a press release (PR), entitled “Company Pioneering Regenerative Medicine Services Invited FDA to Inspect Lab” on their FDA audit in response to the reaction in the media and stem cell community about it. I view this PR as a step in the right direction–more openness! There is a lot of info in this PR that is quite interesting and new. Celltex describes the issues they faced with the FDA as largely the result of a “language barrier” because as it turns …Read More

3 min read

Why is the Texas stem cell company Celltex so super duper private about itself? I’m not sure. It has been the subject of much discussion in the stem cell field in the past year. Unfortunately, much of the news has been negative, largely related to their former head of ethics, Glenn McGee, who also was the editor of the American Journal of Bioethics at the same time. Slate also published and then reportedly under legal pressure from Celltex withdrew an article on Celltex. Celltex …Read More

4 min read

A new article out by Susan Mitchell covers the key elements of a brewing, serious conflict in Ireland over stem cells. You can read the piece here, but warning you have to pay to read it. Here in this blog post I analyze the situation and give important quotes from the article. A pro-adult stem cell and anti-embryonic stem cell (ESC) research organization was recently launched in Ireland: the Adult Stem Cell Foundation of Ireland (ASFI). In my opinion ASFI seems in many ways …Read More

1 min read

Just when I thought that the myths about stem cells, particularly embryonic stem cells, couldn’t get any more fantastic (as in based on fantasy), we have some bright folks out there thinking that soda (pop, coke, pepsi, whatever you call it) is made using embryonic stem cells. The headline goes: Pepsi is using embryonic stem cells to make better sodas. While it is true that the enormous corporation that is Pepsi contributes relatively small amounts of money to study the effects of sugar and possible …Read More