December 1, 2020

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What is the best way to get new stem cell-based therapies to the millions of patients who need help? I would argue that this is the key question in the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Sometimes I think it is easy for folks to lose sight of that and fall into traps. *One trap is linear thinking. In a recent post I used a car analogy to compare different types of stem cells and asked a question about getting from ‘point …Read More

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It has been a rollercoaster few months between the anti-hESC court cases as well as Geron and Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) receiving the OK from the FDA to proceed with initial clinical trials of stem cell treatments. It’s OK to be excited about the clinical trials and I for one am, but we have to avoid getting ahead of ourselves or having unrealistic expectations moving forward. So let’s take a breather and do some analysis of where we are and the road ahead. As …Read More

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The trouble with the risk of teratoma presents a stem cell paradox. Stem cells possess two traits lacking in other cells: self-renewal and pluripotency. This duo of defining functions is key to the ability of stem cells to be used to treat patients via regenerative medicine. A paradox exists because while self-renewal and pluripotency are both needed for stem cells to be clinically useful, these cellular traits also are crucial factors in determining how likely stem cells are to cause tumors as a side effect. …Read More

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If IPS cells are not ready for prime time, it is probably due to these three critical challenges for these amazing cells. TUMORIGENICITY Those of us who work with IPS cells are very excited about their potential for use in regenerative medicine therapies. One serious hurdle we have talked about in the past is tumorigenicity. COST Another hurdle that is far less discussed, but is equally critical, is the potential cost of IPS cell based therapies. The therapeutic advantage of IPS cells over ESC …Read More