November 24, 2020

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Can stem cells some day cure baldness? This is about more than vanity. Baldness can also be due to a medical condition or a side effect of a treatment of another kind. Many medical procedures such as radiation treatment for brain cancer or chemo as well as medical conditions such as burns or alopecia cause baldness, strongly affecting the self-esteem and quality of life of millions of patients. Of course for the vast majority of people affected by baldness they simply get bald as they age …Read More

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How might you celebrate? At least in part you might consider supporting St. Baldrick’s, which is a wonderful foundation that supports research on children’s cancer. Every year they have a very cool event where supporters of the organization get their heads shaved to raise money for the cancer research. In the past St. Baldrick’s has, for example, supported my lab’s research on the role of the N-Myc protein in the most common childhood brain tumor, medulloblastoma. This is done also in …Read More

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Today, I would say not a single stem cell-based treatment for baldness being sold out there claiming it works seems promising and legit. (Update: see this 2019 piece on where things stand on stem cells for hair loss.) Sad, huh? Is there reason for hope for stem cells helping hair loss? But there is reason for some optimism that stem cells might actually treat or cure baldness in the future…but we are talking a decade or more from now. Baldness is not strictly about …Read More

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Baldness can teach us something about blogging? You might be surprised! My mission with this blog is to responsibly use its influence for good for educational outreach to help people learn about stem cells. Can this blog make a difference? Does it have any influence? It seems so. Blogging is a lot more powerful than I ever imagined when I started this blog a few years ago. Even a single blog can have a big influence on people’s perspectives on things across the globe. …Read More