January 17, 2021

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What will we define as a success for any given stem cell biotech? In academia, even if we do pre-clinical, translational kind of biomedical sciences, we still do not often think about what it takes to succeed in industry. Even if we very much want our research to make a difference for patients, do we understand what it takes to make that happen? It’s a whole different kettle of fish. Let’s fast forward five-to-seven years. Let’s say Geron’s spinal cord treatment is both effective …Read More

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Two companies, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) and Geron, both HQ’d here in California, have FDA-approved early stage clinical trials in the works. Geron’s trial has already started and reportedly now has enrolled at least two patients. The trial is of course for the safety of Geron’s GRNOPC1 oligodendrocyte product made from human ES cells for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury. Patients to be involved in this trial must meet strict criteria based on pre-clinical work and because of the required acute nature …Read More

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This morning there was a fantastic session here at the ASGCT meeting in Seattle on Clinical Trials on Stem Cells. One of the speakers was Geron VP, Jane Lebkoswki, PhD: Development of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Therapies for Treatment of Human Degenerative Diseases. The talk was focused on OPC1 for the treatment of spinal cord injury. Dr. Lebkowski said there were three main potential functions of OPC1: (1) stimulation of neurite outgrowth, (2) re-myelination, and (3) neo-vascularization. She gave an update on the first …Read More

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CIRM announced two sets of awards today that both should make major impact including its first clinical trial via Geron and $38 million for 27 basic biology studies. First Clinical Trial. Today CIRM awarded $25 million to support Geron’s FDA-approved clinical trial for spinal cord injury. This is CIRM’s first award to a for-profit company in support of a clinical trial and represents a major milestone.  The funding should help Geron accelerate the clinical trial and is wonderful news. You can read the grant …Read More

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  There are a lot of myths in the stem cell field, some even embraced by some stem cell scientists such as the notion that teratoma are always benign. But when we start talking about translating stem cell technology into the clinic, to the bedside, it is especially important to cast aside our myths, no matter how comforting they might be. One such myth is the idea that there can be a perfect or entirely “normal” stem cell, one that is definitely 100% safe. …Read More

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What’s going on these days with biotech companies working on stem cell-based products? Geron’s and Advanced Cell Technology (ACT)’s FDA-approved trials presumably continue. As expected, no news yet. It’s too soon. Two important questions regarding both these companies are (1) did they apply for CIRM funding and (2) if so, how did the review process a couple days ago go for them as CIRM reviewed applications for the $50 million stem cell trials round? Four firms in total applied for this CIRM funding, but …Read More

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By Jeanne Loring What can you do with cells that live forever and can make every cell type in the body?  The answer is: remarkable things, as new reports of clinical trials using cell types derived from pluripotent stem cells indicate. Pluripotent stem cells are either derived from embryos donated from IVF procedures (human embryonic stem cells- hESCs) or from cells provided by a person, usually blood or skin (induced pluripotent stem cells- iPSCs).  The stem cells are never used for transplantation; instead, they …Read More

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Stem cells for flu? For me, that idea is new. Some months back there was buzz about the stem cell biotech Longeveron related to its report on early trial data on testing infusions of mesenchymal stem cells for frailty in the aged. Frailty that pops up in some aging folks can manifest in a variety of ways and contribute both to reduced quality of life and mortality. This week a PR firm for Longeveron sent out an email suggesting that the company’s investigational stem …Read More

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Recently I had the opportunity to talk with the leadership of Asterias, a California biotech doing exciting clinical research using stem cells as the basis for treatment of spinal cord injury. The interview covers the past (Geron patients), present, and future. I spoke with Asterias President and CEO Stephen Cartt and CMO Edward Wirth. How are the Geron patients doing? Asterias: They are doing well. We have to remember that they got the low dose (2 million OPC1 cells) and we estimated that an …Read More

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By Elliot Hosman Summary.  A campaign calling for a moratorium on using CRISPR in human embryos was launched by a prominent French organization fighting for narrow understandings of life and family. A recent campaign calling for a ban on “transgenic” human embryos was launched by one of France’s most prominent organizations fighting for “science”-backed “one-man-one-woman” families, and the exclusion of all other forms. Since March 24, more than 15,500 people in France have signed a Change.org petition started by Alliance VITA declaring (translated from …Read More