August 9, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog

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The culture warriors of the Right to Life movement and some of the more radical elements in the Tea Party have waged war on embryonic stem cell (ESC) research and researchers. Tagging along like some reluctant bride has been the leadership of the Republican Party. Folks like Mitt Romney and his partner, Paul Ryan, now espouse views opposed to ESC research and in favor of the personhood movement that would literally make a one-celled embryo a human being. However, those views are not particularly …Read More

6 min read

Why are some scientists so inept socially and end up in struggles interacting with other people? Kindergarten! Yes, my theory is that many of the key events are traceable to kindergarten and more specifically to what future scientists failed to learn then even if they technically passed the class and moved on to first grade. In a short book called “All I Need to know I learned in Kindergarten“, author Robert Fulghum explained how most of life’s important lessons were actually taught to all …Read More

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The Irish Stem Cell Foundation is one of the good guys in the stem cell universe. It works to promote stem cell research and education in an at times hostile environment with fired up opponents who don’t hesitate to fire it up against stem cell advocates. It is therefore exciting that the Foundation has launched a new website. I asked Stephen Sullivan, Chief Scientific Officer, Irish Stem Cell Foundation, about the development and he was kind enough to provide some context as well: Background …Read More

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Autism affects millions of children in the U.S. alone; could stem cells for autism help? It is a perplexing spectrum of disorders with “autism” being an umbrella term for a host of related neurological illnesses. The negative impact of autism on our society transcends economics, but has been estimated at 10s of billions of dollars. There is currently no cure or even fully validated treatment for autism. Part of the problem is that scientists do not really understand what causes autism. Without an understanding …Read More