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Disease Focus Series: Spinal Cord Injury

September 23, 2010 Paul Knoepfler 0

The severe spinal cord injury sustained by Jockey Michael Martinez and the possibility (not realized) that he might be enrolled in Geron’s hESC-based spinal cord regenerative medicine trial, have drawn recent attention to spinal cord injury. Christopher and Dana Reeve (see […]

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Stem Cells in Wonderland

September 20, 2010 Paul Knoepfler 0

In Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland, there is a wonderful passage that came to mind as I read the latest response from the self-proclaimed ‘adult stem cell researchers’ suing the government to stop federally-funded ES cell research: “I don’t […]

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Keep Your Stem Cells Away From BPA

September 7, 2010 Paul Knoepfler 0

We live in a plastic world. Over the last 1/2 century, the proportion of our food and beverages that are consumed out of plastic containers has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, the concentrations of plastic-related chemicals in people around the world, even in […]