August 6, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog

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All science, whether biology or physics, whether microscopic or at the solar system level, is about experiments. Sometimes we as a society forget that. In fact, experiments are at the heart of investigations as diverse as studying cells to exploring space to medical treatments. For NASA, the last week has been a tale of two wickedly different experimental outcomes. As much as scientists hope for a “no fail” string of experimental successes that is unrealistic. First, on Monday (August 6) NASA had the astonishing …Read More

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Give prostate cancer the finger! Gotta love those pants even if you hate the exam. Cheers to John Daly for having the guts to wear such amazing pants to draw attention to prostate cancer. Prostate exams are no fun to put it mildly, but they help in early detection of this very common disease that kills so many men around the globe. More of my thoughts on prostate cancer as a survivor: Coming out as having the disease and it inspiring me to become a …Read More

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UPDATE: A new website here in depth on Paul Ryan’s views and votes on stem cells. The Romney:Ryan ticket is nothing but potential trouble for American science and patients. Should they win, they pose a serious threat to American science funding as well as for Medicare. Instilling great confidence in his own competence, Romney totally flubbed today’s introduction of Ryan as well, but announcing Ryan as “The Next President of the United States!” Oops, he meant VP as he later corrected. See YouTube video …Read More

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I’m enjoying Celltex’s new website and I’m appreciative of their great responsiveness to my questions. Transparency is a beautiful thing! My latest question to them was whether they, given that the FDA called them a “drug manufacturer”, are now planning to or have already filed an IND. An IND is an application for an investigational new drug. It is an essential early step for companies seeking to advance a new drug into clinical trials. Here was the response from Celltex: Dear Dr. Knoepfler,   In …Read More