September 27, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog

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What’s the first rule of medicine again? Do no harm! Rushing new medicines such as stem cell treatments to patients without appropriate preliminary studies to try to make money is like playing Russian Roulette with patients. Some of the time, everything will turn out OK, but other times….look what happened with thalidomide. There are two main camps in the world of stem cells. There are the folks, like me, who generally favor a relatively higher degree of FDA regulation of stem cell treatments, particularly …Read More

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an often devastating autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks its own nervous system. More info can be found at the National MS website here. MS is a very serious health problem globally as about 400,000 people have MS in just the US alone and more than 2 million worldwide suffer from the disease. Almost all of us know someone who has MS. It’s a common disease with a huge negative impact. New treatments are desperately needed. In patients …Read More

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I recently asked Celltex if they had definitely convinced the FDA their product was not a drug (i.e. the FDA confirmed their product was not a drug) or rather they had tried and hoped they had. It appears the latter is correct from the Celltex response below: Dear Dr. Knoepfler, Thank you for your interest in Celltex.  In your latest inquiry, you sent two interrelated questions, both asking for FDA’s thinking.  We cannot speak on behalf of the FDA.  We maintain an open, positive …Read More

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Mitt Romney announced on Saturday that his running mate would be Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Ryan is a handsome, charming guy who American’s can tell already is much more at ease campaigning than Romney. However, Ryan’s voting record is extremely troubling and far from charming. In fact, it is downright ugly. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a new, very incisive article on Ryan, which reveals Ryan’s extremism. Amongst the bullet points from the Chronicle’s article: Ryan voted to make Pell Grants more …Read More