September 24, 2020

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Podcast for Week of July 5 Topics –Stem Cell Tourism in the U.S. –CIRM –Article in the Hill by stem cell opponent –Stem cell hype on aging   Podcast for Week of July 11 Topics: –two papers on stem cell-based tissue engineering and one on stem cell treatments for heart disease, –the Republican candidates for President –the media –the world cup of stem cells (soccer).   Podcast for Week of July 18 Topics –human neural stem cells aid recovery from brain irradiation of the …Read More

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How are things looking for the stem cell field for Spring 2011? Issue One. Getting to the clinic. At this point, Geron and ACT have their FDA-approved clinical trials underway using derivatives of human embryonic stem cells. As expected no news has leaked out on how things are going and it may well be Fall or even early 2012 before we hear anything on safety and who knows about efficacy. StemCells Inc has a trial underway in Switzerland for spinal cord injury  (see blog …Read More