September 24, 2020

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What are the top 10 stem cell events of a crazy 2012 to date? Based on this wild list in just over 3 months, I would say 2012 overall will prove to be a memorable one. 1. Celltex and McGee versus University of Minnesota’s Turner and Elliott. Glenn McGee, at one point both editor of American Journal of Bioethics and ethics consultant for adult stem cell company, Celltex, finds himself criticized for trying to do both things raising issues of conflict of interest. Now at …Read More

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Have you ever had a really bad day? I’m not talking about a gloomy Monday or a stub your toe kind of day. I mean more like all on the same day your dog died, you rear ended a cop, and you accidentally flushed your wife’s wedding ring down the toilet. March 13, 2012 might have been just such a bad day for one Dr. Steven Victor, aka “Dr LookGood”, because he received an official warning letter from the FDA. Why? Dr. Victor, who reportedly greets each patient …Read More