September 27, 2020

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I don’t really hear from almost anyone who fully believes in the STAP cell thing anymore. The most common thing I do hear is from people assuming STAP is largely or entirely wrong and asking, “what really happened?” There’s still a chance that STAP is real, but if I were in Vegas or at the race track I’d put the odds in the single digits at this point. Betting on STAP to be entirely true today would be akin to wagering on a 100-1 …Read More

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Dr. Ken Lee’s lab has done some very important validation attempts on STAP cells and has posted them on ResearchGate. To my knowledge, his lab’s STAP experiments are the ones in the public domain that most closely matched the methods of the Nature STAP papers. Dr. Lee submitted the work to Nature Brief Communications Arising on STAP cells, but sadly the manuscript was rejected by Nature. Dr. Lee sent me a copy of the rejection letter from Nature and gave me permission to post …Read More

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The Vacanti Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School has now posted online their own version of the STAP cell production protocol. The thing that first struck me most strongly about this published protocol is that it is not the same protocol reported in the Nature papers and it also is not the same as the recently posted RIKEN STAP protocol. What the heck? Given that the two STAP papers were just published 7 weeks in Nature, how can there already be so …Read More

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Dr. Charles Vacanti is scheduled as a special guest speaker on April 1 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He’ll be speaking on STAP cells. See image below of the announcement. The title of his talk is “Tissue Engineering and STAP Cells”. It is part of the Brigham and Women’s “Leaders in Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series”. Online registration is required to attend. (hat tip to blog reader) Anyone planning to go and possibly interested in a guest blogging gig on the seminar? In principle based on the …Read More