September 24, 2020

The Niche

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1 min read

I’ve been doing polling on people’s views about STAP stem cells. You can see the week 1 poll results here. I’ve just closed the week 2 polling and the results are above. In week 1 while there was a significant split between respondents, the polling leaned clearly toward people being more positive about STAP stem cells. In week 2 polling that lean has largely disappeared leaving an almost perfectly divided response and “on the fence” has risen quite a bit from week 1. It’s …Read More

2 min read

What’s the latest on the now two-week-old STAP stem cell saga? More preliminary data from around the world.  People continue to deposit their data into our crowdsourcing page with 8 reports so far and I know some of them are from top-notch labs. Only one of them is even slightly encouraging with a report of faint activity from a Nanog-GFP reporter, while the rest are discouraging. It is still early days, but I think if nothing else so far these reports tell us that …Read More

4 min read

If you take an ordinary cucumber and soak it in a mild acid solution of vinegar for a few weeks you get a pickle, which is where we find STAP stem cells. Recently, some scientists reported in Nature that if you take ordinary cells and soak them in a mild acid solution for 30 minutes, often the cells transformed into the most powerful type of stem cells known to science. These newly incarnated pluripotent or totipotent stem cells, which they termed “STAP” stem cells, reportedly …Read More