January 23, 2021

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2014 stem cell conferences

4 min read

A new Cell paper from Juan Carlos Izpisua Berlmonte’s group has made headlines about anti-aging across the globe because it suggests that the four core induced pluripotent stem cell (IPSC) factors use by Shinya Yamanaka to make IPSC can reverse aging. I’ve pasted the graphical abstract from the paper below and done a quick journal club style overview based on a quick skim of the paper. Some of the media headlines are rather dramatic on this story. For instance, in a story on it over at STAT …Read More

1 min read

It’s only September 2013, but already stem cell aficionados are thinking ahead to 2014. What meetings should you go to? I have already started my new page for 2014 Stem Cell Meetings & Conferences. Check it out and start making plans. I already see several I am going to go to in 2014 and it’s still September 2013, but you need to plan ahead. Also if you are running a meeting or know of a good one in 2014 not already on the list …Read More