November 23, 2020

The Niche

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2 min read

Could Apple computers be getting into the genomics biz? In March, I was thinking it’d be fun to do an April Fool’s Day post. I wrote the following as a possible satire spoof piece title but never had a chance to do an actual post: iPhone 7 To Come With iPhone 7ATGC Version with Personal DNA Sequencer Now perhaps my idea for an April Fool’s Day prank piece might not be so far off the mark from reality. Antonio Regalado just reported on rumors …Read More

6 min read

I recently interviewed leading genomics scientist George Church on the ways that trends in genomics are changing our world and the possibility of heritable human genetic modification. His answers suggest that genomics and gene editing are poised to radically change our world and to literally change us. Here’s the George Church interview you’ve all been waiting for. Do you think the public is already shifting to be more accepting of genomic information as simply another useful part of their overall health profile rather than as …Read More

1 min read

23andMe CEO, Anne Wojcicki, just emailed 23andMe customers (me included) with the big news that the FDA has approved the company to offer Bloom syndrome carrier status reporting. As Wojcicki points out, this is the first time ever that the FDA has granted authorization of a direct-to-consumer genetic test. This is a huge deal. Why Bloom syndrome? Why now? What else is coming? A lot of interesting questions. Update: Here is the FDA statement on the authorization including this key requirement: “If sold over …Read More

4 min read

What’s the deal with this week’s FDA Warning Letter to 23andMe? First some background. I’m a researcher who studies stem and cancer cell genomics and epigenomics. I’m also a human being who has battled prostate cancer and is curious about my genome. With this background, I decided some time ago to take the plunge and experience what 23andMe has to offer in the way of personal genomics analysis. I thought of it as an experiment. I contacted them with my interest and background. We agreed to …Read More