September 19, 2020

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Today the Supreme Court announced it would not hear the Sherley v Sebelius case, ending the court battle that has left embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) in what I’ve called a “big chill”. This is great news. It is all over the mainstream media. Even the rampant anti-science, pro-lifers have declared defeat. I’m not going to link to them, take my word for it they are depressed big time. Don’t count them out yet though as they are smart and powerful as well as …Read More

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Today the Supreme Court agreed to review three cases, none of which were Sherley v Sebelius. What a great day! For those curious, Certiorari Granted (subheading on Supreme Court announcement) means the Court has granted review of these cases. This is wonderful news for patients, the stem cell field, and probably biotech Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; symbol ACTC). It’s stock was up Friday sharply and is already zooming again today. As much as adult stem cells and iPS cells are great tools for regenerative …Read More

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For the second year in a row (see awards 2011), Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; stock symbol ACTC) is my stem cell biotech of the year. Their trials for different forms of macular degeneration (here and here and here) are progressing well and as a stem cell scientist I really appreciate the fact they are publishing their data as they go (see their Lancet article here). They are exploring the use of iPS cells for production of platelets as well, which is a very exciting possible …Read More

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In previous years I’ve done yearly predictions for the coming year’s events in the stem cell world (see predictions for 2011 and 2012 predictions). I did pretty well in my predicting stem cell events for this year (see analysis here) scoring a respectable 70%. Isn’t that a C-?,you might ask. No, when it comes to stem cell predictions anything better than 50% is an A. Below are my prognostications for the stem cell field for 2013. I’m taking some more risks this year, but you only …Read More