January 21, 2021

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allogeneic IPS cells

1 min read

Where is the field of IPS cells going and how will this impact the overall field of stem cell-based regenerative medicine? Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka, the discoverer of IPS cells, gave a really interesting recent interview to Nikkei that provides some fascinating insights into the future of this exciting technology that is now more than a decade old. For simplicity I have indicated top highlights from the Yamanaka interview below as bullet points. More IPS cell trials are on track to start as soon as 2018 …Read More

2 min read

What does Google think (if Google does indeed think) are top 10 stem cell news stories right now? I took a screen shot below. Here are some thoughts on those stories. First, lung organoids are neat, but they have been grown before by several groups. Why is that the top story? I’d have to ask Google. Better PR? Still looks interesting and could have real impact for lung disease in the future. The second story is on the transplantation of allogeneic IPS cells into monkeys without …Read More

2 min read

Today is Friday the 13th, which is supposed to be bad luck, and it seems to be a bad luck day for iPS cells. A paper came out today in Nature that will be highly upsetting for anyone hoping that iPS cells can follow a fairly direct path to the clinic. The paper from Yang Xu at UCSD showed that iPS cells were immunologically rejected by mice of an identical genetic background from which the iPS cells had been derived in the first place. …Read More