January 21, 2021

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American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians

4 min read

When the number of stem cell clinical studies and trials listed for COVID-19 first started spiraling upward it seemed likely that stem cell clinics and other firms in that arena would get interested. I thought that we’d see the unproven regenerative medicine coronavirus bandwagon quickly grow. Unfortunately, there are reasons to be increasingly concerned here. For instance, the idea that stem cells or exosomes could successfully treat COVID-19 is getting more buzz by clinics and other related firms. Sometimes it is getting hyped too in the …Read More

2 min read

I’ve been hearing more recently about something called the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (variously AAOSCP or AASCP). Its name has the sound of an organization like some traditional medical academy such as the American Academy of Internal Medicine, but my sense is that this is a totally different kind of beast. People have been asking me what’s the story with it. What is its mission? I did find something akin to a mission scrolling down on their homepage: “The American Academy of …Read More