CRISPR winner

Winner of CRISPR backronym contest

February 26, 2016 admin 1

We just ran a CRISPR backronym contest here at the Niche blog. What were we looking for in terms of CRISPR backronyms? We were hoping to see backronyms that were in a sense clever explanations using the letters C, R, I, […]

CRISPR backronym contest

Enter Fun CRISPR Backronym Contest: $50 Prize

February 9, 2016 admin 12

Update: you can also enter our contest on Twitter using the hashtag #CRISPRback. Do you like contests, words, science, and cash? Enter our new contest. It’s a backronym contest for CRISPR. The author of the best backronym will win a $50 […]