January 15, 2021

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Arthritis Foundation Celltex

6 min read

The Texas stem cell clinic Celltex was one of the most controversial businesses in the world of stem cells in 2012 and 2013 (see here for background and as an update see this new post on how the Texas clinic has teamed up with a local university). The FDA essentially shut down the Celltex clinical operations in Texas for a host of issues, but the company itself has forged on even so. Now the firm is part of a new controversy involving dubious, experimental …Read More

5 min read

As I first reported, the FDA conducted a two-week audit of Texas adult stem cell firm, Celltex, sometime in April. Today I received a copy of the so-called “483 report” of that audit. It is basically a summary of problematic issues that the FDA says need to addressed. The FDA report is cause for some significant concern about Celltex in my opinion. Further, the report and the concerns it raises are also a big challenge for the adult stem cell industry more generally. In fact, …Read More