January 19, 2021

The Niche

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6 min read

The Texas stem cell clinic Celltex was one of the most controversial businesses in the world of stem cells in 2012 and 2013 (see here for background and as an update see this new post on how the Texas clinic has teamed up with a local university). The FDA essentially shut down the Celltex clinical operations in Texas for a host of issues, but the company itself has forged on even so. Now the firm is part of a new controversy involving dubious, experimental …Read More

2 min read

Can stem cells treat the different forms of arthritis that plague 100s of millions of people across the globe? A couple years back I did a post in my disease focus series on the potential of stem cells to be used as treatments for osteoarthritis (OA). OA affects almost 30 million people in the U.S. alone. It leads to loss of cartilage in joints such as the knee, where a person can end up with bone on bone (see image at right). Almost 1% …Read More